You Lost 80%

In most cases, especially in relationships, you will only get 80% of what you NEED and you will hardly get the other 20% that you WANT in your relationship.
There is always another person (man or woman) that you will meet and
that will offer you the other 20% which is lacking in your relationship.
Believe me, I know the 20% looks really good when you are not getting it at all in your current relationship. But the problem is that you will always be tempted to leave that good 80% that you know you have, thinking that you will get something better with the other 20%
that you WANT. But as reality has proven, in most cases, you will always end up having the 20% that you WANT and losing the 80% that you really NEED and already had.
Be careful in deciding between what you WANT and NEED in your life.  


  1. The 20 looks reaaaally good but I’m sticking to my 80. I realized that the 20 was just a really good Idea with no soilid plan and no one has time for that. Sometimes we can’t see when we are infactuated with the idea of what a person could be and we gamble based on infactuation. Usually doesn’t end well. Don’t be a fool, know what you have and build with your 80.

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