Every Woman Needs a Wife

I loved reading this book! It’s the first book I have ever read that had me laughing out loud and made me wish it was a movie.
People, men & women, cheat for various reason but imagine if you could take that cheating and turn it around in your favor.  Well that’s what happens in this book!
It’s true that women cheat as well as men but this one is for the women. How would you feel if you found out your husband had been having an affair?  Depending on how much of ourselves we’ve put into the relationship this can be VERY devastating but for some strange reason we as women have seemed to be so forgiving. We bury the pain and accept them and keep our lives going, holding all the pain deep inside. Well in this book she got even and it’s a whirlwind of a tale. I’m not going to give the story away for those who may want to read it but it shows how strong we can be through our pain and how as mad as we get at the other woman we are not all far from being the same.

My question to you ladies is if you’ve been through this how did you handle it and if you haven’t what are your ideas on handling the situation?



  1. >My sister and i were talking about this subject the other day, she had watch a movie in class..i think she said it was called Madea…or something. In this movie a girl fell deeply in love with a guy, had two children by him, killed her own brother and plotted to kill her own father for this man only to soon have him leave her and marry into royalty. But she was sayin how powerful and dangerous a woman could be if they were ever cheated on or devastated..The guy didnt see what was coming next.. its a sad story.

  2. >Tricia I wish I could tell you about this book. It was SOOO good in my opinion. I LOVE how she handled the situation. Don't know if I could have done it but WOW!It would be a REALLY great movie!

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