Voice ~ Sex Deprived

VoicesMy man and I have been in relationship for some time now………..but lately we haven’t been intimate because either he is too tired or it takes him forever to come to bed. I love him dearly and would never want to hurt him but I have been so sexually frustrated yet I know searching for fulfillment in an another man is not the right answer…..but what do I do?!!!! Can anyone offer any good advice as to what I should do???? How do I get his attention and let him know that he is not meeting my needs without hurting the male ego?



  1. >(LOL at DT) Ahem… Just take what you want from him!! Let him go to sleep, suck, stroke him "up" and ride you way to fulfillment. Now when he wakes up just tell him,"go back to sleep baby, I'll be finished in a minute"!!! Or try rubbing one out in front of him while he's relaxing watching the game!!! Tell him, "Uh, Uhhh, you're too tired right"!!! There are so many other things to do that can get him excited and get you off!! BE NASTY!!! But think like a man and not like a woman when you do it!! I've got tons of suggestions. Call me ;0)

  2. Be dressing in something easy removable. Soon as he comes in the door…RUSH HIM. Drop to your knees and give him a nice, soft and smooth blow job. Don’t give him time to say a word about his day etc. Put him in the mood and do him right by the door! That settles your problem for that day and relaxes him before his evening gets started. Just a thought! ;-D Good luck!

  3. Most of these will give you a moment of relief but it will not solve the issue. You see it is about what you give to yourself. If you are feeling sexual, then find the sexy you that calls to him. You see what happens in relationships is the change of perception of what it is that you are in all the forms you are. When you first were together the intimate moments were unforgettable and more frequent I am sure. So what was lost? Nothing was lost really. You both have become well absent to each other. Other forms of things have taken priority. Not the moments you used to take to get ready for him, or the way you looked at each other. Some find this happens more times then not. You stop looking at each other in the same ways you did in those moments, you forget the magic and now have placed it in a box and are not looking for it other than to sexually gratify yourself without the foreplay that was in place before. What made you feel sexy? What did you do to entice him to keep his hands always on you. You don’t need to go back, you need to realize that you already have this energy in you and it has been abandoned, by you and him. If you just do those things you will feel the change come. If he becomes oblivious to it. It is because he himself needs to do the same. Go out with friends in this way attention will be drawn to you and the energy will become more effective at home. I am not saying cheat but realize you have it still! Allow the energy to change to allow the love to find you where you were and still are. I can imagine this may sound impossible. Yet it is that simple! Always remember what you give to yourself someone else will give you. If you do this for yourself then you will only generate that same energy from him. I wish you the best of luck my friend. There is more than this.. but I felt I should shorten this. You can always find me if you need further help I am always around! CK

    • Very sound advice, and truly right, Kent. Look at yourself first and make the right steps. My dream is htat the romance and sexyness never stops during a relation ship. I am only at the beginning of one, so I can really do the right thing and it will last and not fade.

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