Are you bothered by the pole?

What do you feel about your significant other (male/female) going to a strip club?  Is it OK?  Are you offended?  Does frequency matter?



  1. >as one who has practically been raised in the church have a two-sided outlook on this subject. I personally wouldnt mind it as long as im there, and if im not there…hopefully i'll never find out. In a way i can see it being offensive, especially with the way some strip clubs are now. Meaning, some offer private services that could lead to cheating. Also if you find yourself racing to the strip clubs every chance you get, spending the money that should be used towards supporting your family…than i think thats a major problem. Often times, its usually the male species who frequent strip clubs…im curious to hear from a man how he would feel about his wife/girlfriend spending any kind of time at a male strip club. I think at some point, depending on the couple involved..frequently visiting strip clubs could possibly cause issues at home.

  2. >Strip clubs should only enhance the relationship. If the level of trust is where it should be, what's the difference between going to a strip club and watching porn? The point I'm making is that there is nothing wrong with visual stimulation, followed by coming home and handling your business. It can keep the relationship fresh and exciting.

  3. >DT I would have to say I agree with you. I personally wouldn't have a problem going with my man & in no way or form do I like women but I know they will turn him on and its just another form of foreplay in my eyes.

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