Chuck is Married to Pam but before they were married they dated for a while but things just didn’t work out so they went their separate ways.  During their time apart Chuck met a young lady named Debbie.  He and Debbie were good friends and had amazing chemistry.  They fooled around a bit but never began a relationship as a couple.

Eventually, once Chuck realized he wouldn’t have a “relationship” with Debbie he moved on and ended up back with Pam.  Now even after being married a few years Chuck, for the life of him he can’t seem to get Debbie out of his head.  He feels that he’s got a pretty good marriage, there are some problems, but he is not looking to get out of his marriage but he can’t help the love he feels for Debbie.  A part of him even feels if Debbie gave him the chance he would be willing to leave his wife.

Have any of you found yourself in a situation like this?  What would be your advice to Chuck in his situation?

*NOTE: There are children involved in the marriage.