LJV’s Talk Show S#!T! – Married but Loving Another

Chuck is Married to Pam but before they were married they dated for a while but things just didn’t work out so they went their separate ways.  During their time apart Chuck met a young lady named Debbie.  He and Debbie were good friends and had amazing chemistry.  They fooled around a bit but never began a relationship as a couple.

Eventually, once Chuck realized he wouldn’t have a “relationship” with Debbie he moved on and ended up back with Pam.  Now even after being married a few years Chuck, for the life of him he can’t seem to get Debbie out of his head.  He feels that he’s got a pretty good marriage, there are some problems, but he is not looking to get out of his marriage but he can’t help the love he feels for Debbie.  A part of him even feels if Debbie gave him the chance he would be willing to leave his wife.

Have any of you found yourself in a situation like this?  What would be your advice to Chuck in his situation?

*NOTE: There are children involved in the marriage.



  1. Im sure only chuck and debbie could answer this, but why did they never have relationship, given the fact that they had amazing chemistry? I would have to say to chuck that he would need to be completely honest with Pam about his feelings for debbie, or let debbie go fo good, He cant hold on to both. Because what im hearing is that Pam is just a stand by until or IF debbie gives him the green light??? If so, not only is that selfish and unfair to Pam but also to the children involved. Chuck, no offense but its time to be a man and do the right thing. Your children and Pam to know that they have ALL of you and are not someone to pass up the time. and hopefully Debbie, isnt leading him on just as long as he’s with Pam.

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