There’s this girl, let’s call her Brenda and this guy, Roy. When Roy and Brenda met Roy was dating and living with his child’s mother, Tina.  Eventually Brenda and Roy began dating and Roy was ultimately, primarily living with Brenda.

Well as it goes Roy can’t keep his male parts in his pants and he is running around sleeping with this one, that one and the next. Brenda of course catches wind of this and being the super sleuth that she is puts on her investigative hat and finds out about maybe 3 other women he has besides her and Tina.  Brenda gets furious and being a woman on a mission she contacts Tina and they meet at Tina’s house.  Brenda tells Tina, who is pregnant with Roy’s 2nd child all about the other women and she apologizes to Tina for being involved with Roy.  Roy of course tries to deny everything telling Tina that Brenda was just mad that he didn’t want her but the whole time he’s trying to tell Tina this he doesn’t know that the two women are sitting together and each talking to him on speaker phone as he’s calling and texting them back and forth.  He’s cold BUSTED!!

Once all of this is over Tina and Brenda are still involved with Roy.  He claims the other women are no longer in his life but my thoughts are that he’s put the other women on the back burner until he gets things with Tina and Brenda smoothed out.  Who knows maybe he’ll pick up a fresh litter of kittens once he gets the main two tamed.

What I want to know is, ladies when will we stop settling for second best?  If you’re second when he gets you what makes you think he won’t always place you as second in his life.  He feels like you’re okay with it if you accepted in in the beginning.  If we want something different we have to do something different. It’s not just a cliché it’s reality!