Black_Man_LilliesYou call yourself a man; hell NO! How can you be a man when you have a son that you could care less of his existence? Were you ever there for me; hell NO! You fucked my mother and planted your foul seed in her; did that make you a man, hell NO! But look what your foul seed evolved into; a true man unlike you!

You call yourself a man; hell NO! Because a true man would never intentionally place his child in harms way! A true man would relish the opportunity to raise his beautiful prince and watch him turn into a King!

You call yourself a man; hell NO! If you were a man then you would never want your prince to have to walk through this World alone! No man to have as a true example of what I should become or strive to be like! Only left alone to find my way by trial and error and kept only by the grace of GOD!

You call yourself a man; hell NO! A true man would make it his life’s effort to create joyful and happy memories for his prince! Not the memories of being abandoned, rejected, disrespected and treated like a dog being put out on the side of the road!

You call yourself a man; hell to the NO! Before I go let me introduce to you a man I know!  This prince now a KING made his way from a fatherless home; learning life lessons all on his own! This man that I speak of is more man then you could ever image! This man holds no ill feelings towards you although it would be in his right to do so! Believe it or not, this man is who he is today by your example of what a true man is not!  Now that I think about it; I did learn something from you after all! So on second thought after all that I have said, can I call you a man…………..

HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!


A letter to me to a no-man called my father!!!!!

Post courtesy of guest writer “K13″

“K13″ is a guest writer sharing his male perspective on life and relationships with the readers of Relationship Voice.