Stealing flesh and dignity

Women don’t cry rape; they cry because they were raped. Any person that would allege being violated is committing the same crime as the violators. They are freeing five guilty while incarcerating ten innocent, twisting the law for revenge. She said “No”, so you thought you will take it. He said “No”, so you decide to act like he took it; both parties are taking advantage of the disadvantage. What did she do to be forcefully held down and penetrated? Was it her clothes, smell, smile? No you sick bastard, it was your lust for breaking down her will because she wasn’t willing. What did he do to be trialed? Was it his charm, calm, or his nice arms? No you trifling Bitch, it was rejection that now has the world questioning a man’s character whom showed character in preserving his innocence. Dam, now perpetrators are in court perpetuating just to find more people to perpetrate. I hate a thief, especially those that take something just because they can. They don’t just steal from you, they steal a part of you, that may never return. So, victims, know it isn’t your fault that people want to vindicate themselves by being vain, but it is your fault if you forfeit your right to fight because you feel their actions will be justified in justice!!!!


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