We take our time and choose our souse and we love them so much that we’d give our own life for them. We do everything in our power to keep them happy because after all we share our life with this person and according to the Bible when we married the two became one.

Now on the other hand we have our family. We didn’t choose these people but we’ve spent our lives with them and for the most part they know us better than anyone and we would surely die for them or at least go to battle. They’ve been there for us through thick and thin and even when we don’t like them no outsider can stir up drama because we will be there!

So what happens when you have to choose between your spouse and your family???

Yes this can happen. Possible situations: Your spouse and one of your family members has a falling out, you usually spend a lot of time with this person but now your spouse either doesn’t want to or tells you that you need to stop.  A big one is what if you’re very close to your parent(s) and one or both of them don’t like your spouse.

How do you handle these situations?  How would you choose?