We’ve always known men to be hunters. Many of them like the woman that provides some sort of chase. They don’t particularly want to spend time with the ones that are easy & thirsty. Yes they may sleep with them but those aren’t usually the ones they take home to momma.

So once he has found the woman he chooses to settle down with, in terms of them enjoying the hunt, its now over. He has caught his prey. He has a woman all his own & the chase is over so it leads me to have to ask, “is this why so many men cheat?”

You’ve captured the one you really wanted & there’s no more need to hunt so you get frisky & go out chasing the tail that’s no where near as valuable to you as what you have at home. You just have an urge to hunt. You don’t even intend to keep it, just throw it back.  I’m guessing this would be the reason we hear men say, “she didn’t mean anything”.

Men the hunt is not over because if you don’t do the work to keep the trap closed on what you have at home she will escape. You can believe that just because the chase ended for you there are still some other hunters out there trying to steal your catch.