Know Your Worth

She made a decision to marry a man so influential, that everyone treats her like a second class citizen. She wakes up in his arms feeling so complete, but walks out the door covered in his shadow. Her thoughts, actions, likes and dislikes are all his. She teaches him something and he gets the credit; she is no longer her own person, she is a clone. He looks her in the eyes and expresses why he is with her, but all she can hear are the voices in her head telling her she is just a reflection. She starts to cry; he chases her in the room unaware of her torment. He wipes the tears from her eyes and asks about the source of her pain. She says “because you are so great, I am nothing”, he replies “I am great because I have a great partner to measure my greatness to daily; we are not competing, we play for the same team. Your accomplishments are my successes, and my strengths are your honors. When two people merge, they will lose their individuality but not their identity. I can’t accomplish higher than you, so tell them people “better a clone in-love, than one in hate””!!!!


Post courtesy of AmazinglyBrash


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