She said he’s just a friend

Yeah right! For years I’ve always held to my belief that a heterosexual male and a heterosexual female can’t be just friends! Now before you try to explain to me how I’m straight wrong and full of you know what; first define a friend? For me; I use my wife, who by the way was my friend before she became my wife! I always use her and her best friend as an example of a true friendship. Their like sisters; they argue, they disagree, they hang out, they talk every single day of the year, (literally)! Whenever my wife’s friend gets sick or is having a medical procedure done, my wife is usually right there to lend her support and assistance. My wife is like a surrogate mother to her friend’s children and anyone who doesn’t know; seem to always think, my wife is a member of her friend’s family.

Now when I watch my wife and her friend’s interactions, how they just enjoy each others company; I just say to myself, there’s no way a man and a woman can be that close and not be sexually attracted to one another. It’s not normal! Even if it honestly starts out as a friendship; give it time, nature will eventually take over!


Post courtesy of guest writer “K13″

*”K13” is a guest writer sharing his male perspective on life and relationships with the readers of Relationship Voice.



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