The question of “how much crack is too much crack” has nothing to do with the drug crack cocaine, no! This question is in regards to the crack of one’s buttocks!

How much is too much? I went to pick up my children at a summer camp just recently and as I was walking out; one of the camp volunteers, a young lady possibly in her middle teens was walking out as well. As the young lady passed me I couldn’t help but to observe nearly 5 inches of the crack of her butt staring directly at me! My first thought was to approach this young lady and give her a lesson on self respect. But that thought exited my head very quickly thinking only that it was not my place to approach this young lady; but hopefully some mature woman would approach her and explain the importance of self respect.

Now the question still remains; “how much crack is too much crack?”


Post courtesy of guest writer “K13”

“K13” is a guest writer sharing his male perspective on life and relationships with the readers of Relationship Voice.