Comedian Bobby J. on Relationships & Titles

Comedian Bobby J had a comment on Twitter about women focusing on titles in relationships and we had a little chat about it. Take a look at this chat and share your voice.



  1. So I had a conversation about this chat with another guy friend of mine and I ran the above conversation by him and said although I agree with Bobby J. for the most part there is somewhat of a catch 22 in this. Follow this if you will:

    It’s agreed we’re just “dating” so basically unless it’s expressed that we’re exclusive each one can date others. Now as soon as the woman begins dating other men it happens that the “main” man gets in his feelings (that he didn’t honestly express in the first place OR was in denial about) and now HE has a problem with the woman and although she can clearly state that HE said we’re just dating, in his mind it’s too late and she is now tarnished in his eyes and he no longer will even consider a relationship with her exclusively. (She’s damned if she do and damned if she don’t) Because we all know that once a man feels you’ve done him wrong he’s not likely to forgive. That’s something us women tend to do.

  2. This is my thing. Men always want to say “Why do we need a title” Well why do they want to do “Relationship type things” But don’t want to Be in a Relationship? They always want it their way…I am one who refuses to waste my time wondering. I’d like to know where it is going. And if a guy is not making it clear where it’s going or how he feels for you then that is your clue that he is not feeling you like that….

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