I can’t surgically remove the pain of your past, but I can grant you a present of a better future. I won’t dwell in your scars nor will I continue to allow you slice me just so I can relate. I understand; I can read between the lines, but your happiness takes starting the next chapter. The only attributes I have in common with your executioner is being male, black, and attracted to you. If you attributed these commonalities to a dead end lets end it; but if you can see that I am the product of you learning your lesson than let’s get started. I will make promises and grant them, not take you for granted. We will be a couple transformed into a single organism. You won’t be forced to submit; I am putting my gun on the pavement in hopes you will surrender. I will prove I won’t hurt you when you show me proof that you won’t hurt me. All we have is our hearts, and staying committed to them will lead to forever. I can grasp you were wounded in the war, but aren’t you glad you made it home in one peace? Aren’t you happy you were able to get past the numbness to feel again? I’m empathic to your experiences, but if it was what brought you to me, I am not sorry it happened. I’ll love everything he wasn’t able to, cherish every moment he wasted, and capitalize on the beginning of our sentence. I owe him my life because he shattered yours. So don’t forget him, but forgive him so we can be!!!!

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