I don’t usually get too personal in my post, maybe my comments but not my post but this is crazy! I am trying so hard not to cry because of the state of marriages today. I’m so sick of seeing marriages fall apart!! It hurts to see so many people hurting and suffering because of selfishness & ignorance. I know marriage is work but if you really love the other person and put them ahead of self, things will work out so much better. God put us first when He gave His ONLY son. HE loved us that much. Why can’t we love our spouses that much? If right now you are in a relationship with someone, contemplating or planning marriage and you can’t or don’t love that person MORE than YOURSELF don’t you DARE marry them!! This mess is crazy & too many people don’t seem to care enough to REALLY put the WORK in to save what they have. They’d rather be lazy, give up & then be looking stupid out here because they thought they’d find something better. I’m just sick of it!!!

COMMUNICATION, trust, friendship, loyalty, honesty, FAITH, love, selfLESSness, dedication, honor, RESPECT are all things you NEED for any relationship to work. COME ON PEOPLE be REAL with yourselves AND with the other person, forsaking appearances and what others might think. If you’re not ready to give of and up yourself for and to this other person STOP PLAYING with their heart because that’s what you’re doing and it only ends up in disaster.

Yes bad times will come but that’s why marriage is work. It’s not easy but if you have those things I listed above you won’t be so willing to just let what you have go. It will have enough meaning that you will FIGHT & WORK to keep it together. Put your PRIDE aside (because that’s what it is) and do WHATEVER it takes to keep it together. Counseling, prayer and anything else you can think of to fix it.

People PLEASE just value the sanctity of marriage more and really be honest with yourself and your partner before entering into that Holy Sacrament.

Thank you for reading and I’m off my soap box now.