Now Ladies there’s a lot of ways you can keep that twinkle in your mans eyes but I won’t start with the obvious and I don’t want to touch on any sensitive feelings this early in the game cause you know we men are visual creatures. But let’s make this innocent, if you have a good man that tends to the yard, takes the time out to wash your car or do any hard labor manly things at the home take time to show him you really appreciate him doing what he does best, being a man.  A few examples would be when it’s hot outside and your man is mowing the lawn in 90 degree weather, wouldn’t it be sweet if his lover brought out a nice ice cold glass of water in the middle of his hard labor? “Whew babe it’s hot out, drink some of this” You then are his shero.  A nice little sandwich here and there after he’s done laboring or better yet, have his bath/shower water ran.  You don’t want no stanky man running around the house after he’s been sweating and slaving. “Ewe baby you all sweaty, I’ve got  water ran for you, go ahead and clean up” Smack him on his azz, he’ll run to that tub like a lost puppy. Trust me on this it will benefit the both of you. A good man will look at this and look at you and say man my woman is good to me and trust he will return the favor.

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*”Mista” is currently a guest writer for Relationship Voice providing us with some male insight.