A lot of times when we are in the chase of things we swoon our interest with gifts and everything from the Book of Gab to win their affection.  But what happens with the prize is won? Naturally on both sides we tend to get bored and forget to “Keep The Spark” and then end up singing the ultimate divorce song “When Did You Stop Loving Me, When Did I Stop Loving You” by Marvin Gaye.  This week we will focus on the men then the ladies, let us start small this week.  Gentlemen, remember the flowers you use to buy to impress that special woman just anytime of the year because you were thinking of her?  Well… What happened? Are you finding yourself only sending flowers on Valentine’s Day and when you’re in trouble?  That’s not good my friend.  Women love to know that you’re thinking of them. Surprise them once in a blue moon with a rose or two.  Sneak in and put one in her car before she drives off to work.  Is she still sleeping when you’re off to work being the provider? How about one lying next to her on her pillow with an I love you note. There’s endless ways to be cute, if you have a good woman simple things will win her heart, if your woman has an expensive taste… handle it… This does not have to be an everyday thing, just here and there. You first lesson in keeping the spark.

Your Friend,


*”Mista” is currently a guest writer for Relationship Voice providing us with some male insight.