You have me not because you asked me not enough

Shared via The Relationship Stuff.

written by GUEST BLOGGER: Kesha Sylvan

Lisa says her husband didn’t stop until he had her heart. Maybe that’s the difference, we do love persistence if we’re a little unsure ourselves (Warning: Men will have to use discernment and instincts here because you don’t wanna mistake a firm no from a woman as your cue to persist because you could end up with a TPO or a charge). Persistence can be endearing when handled properly or your worst nightmare in a worst case scenario (a seasoned gentleman should already know this). In certain environments or circumstances a woman might be auto-programmed in her head for the moment that she does not wanna be approached. She might have JUST walked in and hasn’t gotten comfortable yet when a man steps up, or she came to meet another guy, already has a man, maybe his approach was typical (in a bad way), or maybe there’s no physical attraction, or MAYBE just maybe he was out of line with the words that came out of his mouth altogether…these are just a few of many reasons women turn men down on the approach. However, personally I’m flattered when a man shows persistence because I feel its more than a physical attraction or an attempt to score, but more of a genuine interest in ME. I must add that these men are so afraid of any sort of rejection that they simply avoid persistence like the plague or they avoid approaching women altogether! Generally speaking, the philosophy in this generation seems to be: “Hey, if she don’t approach me, I’m not approaching her.” Men these days seem to DESIRE to be pursued and this leads me back to our discussion about upsetting God’s order…smh. Even if he feels he got a definite NO from this one woman….dude trust me there’s another woman just behind or right beside her anticipating an approach. BE PERSISTENT ;)



  1. Definitely something to be said for persistence (not the stalkery type.) I am certainly attracted to a man who know what he wants and goes after it. Determination and tenacity is highly attractive.

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