What do you do when you are in the middle of oral/anal/vaginal sex and you spot something on yourself or on your partner that looks a little abnormal??

Stop whatever you are doing.Talk about it. Get tested. Both of you!

But its embarrassing. But he doesn’t want to stop. But you don’t want him to know what you found. But it’s probably nothing. But neither of you have had any symptoms so it’s definitely nothing. But you have only been sleeping with each other.

Although many of these things may be true, none of them matter in the grand scheme of things. Either one or both of you could DEFINITELY have an STD, regardless of how many partners you have or what symptoms you have or have not been showing. If you see a sore on the genital area of yourself or you partner, you should stop having sex right away, and should get tested for STDs. You will have no idea what you are dealing with until you do, and this could be a life long virus that you are taking a risk with.

Talking about it with your partner may be awkward at first, but it benefits both of you in the long run. Visit your doctor or a health center near you to get tested. If you are under 18, most centers still provide STD testing without parental consent, but you can call ahead just to make sure.

Now, which STD’s should you get tested for? When you visit a health clinic to get tested you and the health provider can decide based on your sexual history and your description of the sore. It is really important to be honest with your healthcare provider so that you can make sure to get the right STD tests and be 100% about what is going on!

Still wondering if you should get tested?? If there is a reason to wonder, then in my opinion there is a good reason to get tested! Planned Parenthood has a short online quiz called “The Check” to help people who are wondering if they should get tested for an STD. “Check” it out here!


Shared via Smart, Safe Sexy.