In every social contact we decide whether someone cares about us by reading their tiniest facial expressions, the tone of their voice, their eye contact or lack thereof, as well as specific body motions.

Certainly actions, such as giving a present or, in romantic relationships, saying “I love you” emphasize deep emotion. However, non-verbal communication is often more effective in conveying love.


The Road to Power Snuggling
We all differ as to what makes us feel loved. There are those who feel most loved when they receive gifts. Some need to be touched and hugged often. Others need quiet times to do what they wish. Others favor having chores done for them or being taken for a night on the town. Most of us want a combination of these. If each partner finds and uses ways the other feels most loved, the “feel good quotient” will climb dramatically.

During these times eye contact is easier, touching becomes more desirable and frequent and empathic listening is a given.

Here are some nonverbal suggestions to try with your partner:

Leave a note on the mirror saying, “Have a great day!” — Look at them with compassion when they are telling you about a problem — Hand them the remote while you are watching TV – Buy them the book or music they have talked about — Eat dinner together with candles or dimmed lights — Take the dogs for a walk even though it’s not your turn — Hug several times more than usual — Let them sleep in on the weekend — Plant a flower and label it with both your names — provide smiles.

Your Weekly Homework
Discuss the nonverbal behaviors that make each of you feel most loved and make a conscious effort to provide these this week and beyond.


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