If  clients weren’t Googling me on the regular I SWEAR I would retweet and exchange dialogue with her. She’s honest and dangerously humorous. Please get familiar with Passport_Cutty.

I stumbled across her Twitter discussion regarding cheating some time ago and damn near choked to death. I’m sure she pissed a ton of people off but who cares…there’s an unfollow/block button for that.

I’ve been cheated on (according to my records) by two ex-boyfriends. Just like Cutty and others, I don’t endorse cheating but I completely understand it. People are greedy. You can have it all with one person and still desire more. Some people are completely vulnerable and will fall for anyone thrown their way. Cheating may be some sort of disorder. Or cheating could simply be a way of life…a tradition. Yes it’s disrespectful, it’s deceitful, it’s hurtful and possibly murder-eligible…but being honest…it isn’t enough (in most cases) to terminate a decent relationship. I’m sure that I’m going to get beat up about this, but at this point in life, if you’re going to cheat…


…just don’t get caught. My days of snooping and researching your every move are over with. I work pretty hard at being the best kind of woman that I can be but if I’m not enough or there’s someone out there willing to fill the gaps in our relationship for free…please take full advantage of her. Just make sure that I’m not harmed or contacted in any way during the process. It’s risky. It’s dangerous. But what can you do especially when you’re completely unaware that cheating is going on in the first place.

My ex (thee ex) was a notorious cheater but NEVER missed a beat when it came to me. I NEVER doubted his love for me and he NEVER flashed any of his side business in my face. Well how did I know he was cheating? Women do not know how to act when they’re being fucked. We would walk into restaurants and parties together and there would be one chick that would have an emotional breakdown. I’ve seen her shed tears, pout, get pissy drunk – you name it. However, he did not blink, budge, point, sigh, look, or walk in her direction. And furthermore, she knew that if he lost me as a result of her acting a fool…she would be dismissed immediately. You are required, by law, to remain silent at all times when you’re serving as someone’s side chick.  When side chicks, or the other woman, start speaking out to wives/girlfriends, it’s because they are not getting what they want – sex, time, happiness…whatever it is that their heart desires. You’ve been ok with your relationship with my man for months and now you want to speak to me to inform me about what you and him have been doing?

B*tch please.  What’s the sense of being noble now?

I’ve snooped in text messages, hacked into social media accounts, and even spread a lie about someone that could have been my man’s potential hoe (told him she had herpes). I’ve seen some things that required a Xanax and a shot of Henny to calm down. But I never confronted him. Me snooping was used for my own personal benefit…as my way of staying ahead of the curve. Our relationship took a turn for the worst when I started being up against the persistent side chick. The woman that gave 250% at all times…doing things that I hated and she faked loved just to get on his good side. The chick that was FOCUSED on being in the picture for the long haul…even if it cost her happiness. She’s the chick that allowed and accepts any and everything just be with him.

His worshiper.

Once you’re up against a worshiper a.k.a. Joseline Hernandez, you may as well hang your relationship up. It’s over. This chick is hungry. She’s relentless. She’ll harass, stalk, and kill JUST to be with your man. And men absolutely love a ride-or-die type of chick. Fortunately, I learned at a very young age not to concern myself with other women. I’ve always had the mentality that I’m the best kind of woman that you’ll ever encounter and if you’re cheating on me…you’re just being greedy. Furthermore I know what I am capable of and that dick it gets better.

No need to go nuts over one…nut.

Cheating is such a touchy subject. But it’s now the way of the world. Would you break-up over cheating? Is it even a breaking point? Have you ever dealt with a notorious cheater? Hell, were you assisting someone…cheat? No judgements here. Let’s chat.


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