My friend over at Girl Hush wrote the post below and I must say she has an interesting perspective on the show “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta”. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Threesome: Joseline, Stevie J and Mimi

In case you missed it tonight, VH1 premiered “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” I  have never laughed so damn hard in my life. Joseline, stripper turned artist, who closely resembles Rihanna and Selita Ebanks is fucking working with Grammy award winning producer, Stevie J. He is in a common-law marriage (maybe?) of 15 years with Mimi…despite his public engagements/relationships with other women. Then there’s problematic rapper Lil Scrappy who rebounded back to his ride or die baby mama, Erica, after being dropped like a bad habit by Ms. 32 Flavors aka Diamond…for 5 year old Souljah Boy Tell’em. Oh..but his momma, Pimptress Momma Dee…nevermind.  I don’t have time. The cast consist of a few other characters…such as songstress K. Michelle and rapper, Rasheeda. But this OBVIOUS love triangle was the highlight of the 1st episode.

I have no sympathy for Mimi.


And in case Mimi didn’t know…she’s Stevie J’s girlfriend number 2 (or side chick). Yes, you’ve been around 15 years – but that means nothing. Did you catch that shade? I said around…not in a relationship. Your man moved you outside of Atlanta and said he’ll stop by. He really bought the house for his daughter.  He takes her [Joseline] out and around in public…supposedly on business. He responds to and is excited by her calling him DADDY. He shows up to your friend’s party…hand-and-hand with her. He answered the phone AND responded to her to demands…in front of you.  He then takes off  with her. Girl, he’s not your man…he’s just your baby’s daddy. Stevie J give more fucks about a piece of old gum on the bottom of his shoe than committing to any of you.


I commend you for restraining yourself from beating the hell out her and your lack of response to anything she has to say regarding their relationship. However, the fact that she  is so open and important enough to carry on and talk to you in public..without any major repercussions or concerns is puzzling. You’re too comfortable and accustomed to this. Men  get away with whatever we endorse. He clearly has a response for everything and you endorse, or accept, his responses. If you want to see some action…stop complaining and leave. Girl it’s been 15 years. He is not going to commit marry you. Eve or Alex has a better shot at a ring…again. Also, I can not believe that you’re still smitten and moved by his charm and penis gifts. That’s so 22-and-never-had-a-real-boyfriend of you. Quite upsetting!  You’re so pretty and too damn old to be giggling at his tired ass punch lines. But I digress.

Now let’s get into Joseline. She’s every woman’s worst nightmare and is trained to go. She keeps her body right, she know how to talk to him, she’s his whore, she’s his money-maker, and she’s knows when to play dumb. She’s  confident in her relationship and standing with Stevie J. She’s in it for the long run – he clearly loves her ass. I wanted to be upset with Joseline but I can’t find any real reason. She is something like a girlfriend. My only issue with Joseline is that she’s a little too entitled without a real title. She knows of his relationship with Mimi but doesn’t seem threatened. You would think she’s been in the picture for 15 years. She has no hang-ups about checking him and getting whatever the hell she wants…hence her making a phone call to end his spat with Mimi. She’s ballsy…ballsier than Royce. She speaks on his behalf when it comes to his business endeavors with other artists and she truly believes that she is his top priority. In the word’s of veteran side-chick slayer – Emily B:

Maybe I’m a hater and I’m a little too concerned about the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. But what are your thoughts on this love triangle? What did you think of the 1st episode? Did I miss something or a key piece of evidence that could justify Mimi’s behavior…or Joseline?

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