Kissing for Kicks

I’m sitting here watching a movie, wondering how grown people can kiss someone when they are thinking about another. Man, in the past I feared being the person being kissed by a betrayed thought. I remember fearing commitment because of that exact thought;so, I sorted through many, thinking I would never get hurt; then, I saw a couple smiling and engrossed in one another. I realized that I was hurting myself by sharing my heart with many when it was intended for one. I realized that I would have to trust that the woman kissing me would express every thought, securing me with communication and understanding. I had “a moment”! The moments I felt was fabricated and exaggerated on TV; was now my reality and created my faith. At 33 years of age, I am sitting here wondering how people could still be intimate without being intimate. How could they waste a kiss on someone they don’t intend on missing! I feel for them because they believe they are living, but they are slowly dying.

Shared via AmazinglyBrash.



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