If you haven’t checked out The Heatblast now here’s the best reason ever, Tim Heat has written his “All About You” column about ME! 😉   Here’s an excerpt from it. Hope you enjoy!

Ms. Jordan had been stuck in the middle of paradise for the last eighteen hours…and she was enjoying every bit of it.
He had just stepped out for a moment to confirm their plans for tonight.
This was the first time…in eighteen hours…that there was a need for him to put on any clothing.
She was still in the bed…in the same place he had left her…still in the nude…wrapped in the hotel linens.
The offshore winds came thru the open air patio and penetrated the linens that laid against her caramel skins…tantalizing all of her sweet spots that he had been blessing on and off, for the last eighteen hours.
She picked up the phone and dialed her friend’s number…back in the states.
It was answered on the first ring.
Ms. Jordan did not allow her friend a chance to speak. “Hola’…Kita,” she said, trying her hand at her Spanish accent.
“Don’t you, hola’ me…you must think you grown?” Kita asked.
She smiled. “What are you talking about?”
Kita started in on her. “Ms. Lady…FastJ…taking off to Peru? And you ain’t even tell nobody. I gotta hear it from Toni.” Kita took a quick breath. “This new man…this HIM, stuff getting you beside yourself.”
“Girl…I am grown and loving it,” she finally got a word in.
“Okay…so, don’t be holding back. What’s going on down there?”
Ms. Jordan’s smile was huge and beginning to be a permanent fixture on her face during this Peruvian getaway. “Well…we are staying in Ma’ncora.”
“Man…what?” Kita asked.
“Ma’ncora…like, Main…cora. You gotta roll your tongue. It’s not too far away from Ecuador.”
“Why are you talking all Spanish and shit?”
She rolled her eyes and started laughing. “Kita, it’s beautiful down here. We’re staying at the DCO suites. The Hotel overlooks a Peruvian beach with rolling waves. I’ve been riding horses on the beach…”
“Un Huh…I bet them ain’t the only horses you’ve been riding.”
“Oh yeah…you better believe it,” Ms. Jordan said.
“Karletta, you so nasty.”
“Anyway, tonight we got a bungalow for two reserved on the beach, about twenty minutes south of where we’re staying.”
He came in the door…..

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