I read a friends post on Facebook about women being selfish with providing lip service and he was saying he couldn’t understand why women were not giving it more freely when men seemed to give it with no hesitation.  I think women are less prone to give it because that seems to be more personal and you want to feel extremely close to a person you do that with.  This thinking brought me to another thought:  Isn’t giving/sharing your body with anyone a VERY personal act??  If we aren’t comfortable enough to give this person lip service why on earth would we share our body with him?  Isn’t our body our most prized possession…don’t we love ourselves enough to be particular about what we put into it?  We run around exercising, dieting, eating healthy, etc. all to protect our bodies because we “care” about ourselves. I think it may be time to rethink some priorities ladies…If nothing else makes you think before giving yourself to him try thinking would you feel comfortable giving him lip service?  If not walk away or just hold off on giving your goodies so you don’t think back later wishing you could repossess your “property”.

NOTICE: Please no matter what you’re doing practice SAFE SEX!!!