Understanding how individuals move on from a breakup.

Ever wonder why some people seem to rebound from relationships right away while others might take months to recover from a broken heart? What would you do if your ex had a new partner while you were still wiping away the tears?

In this video, Psychotherapist, Author & YourTango Expert Julie Orlov explains this very phenomenon for one reader whose ex-husband not only moved on quite quickly after 15 years of marriage, but remarried before the ink on the divorce papers was even dry.

Check out the video for some helpful advice about what to do if your ex moves on more quickly than you!

My Ex Just Got Remarried; How Can He Move On So Quickly?

“People deal with loss and grief in different ways,” explains Orlov. No one way is right or wrong. For example, she points out, sometimes a person might begin to grieve the loss of a relationship before the relationship formally ends, which can explain why a person’s post-breakup grieving period might seem abbreviated. Others move on to new relationships in order to avoid negative feelings or having to confront their own flaws.

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