Do Men Care About…….Part 1

I was sitting and thinking about all the things that women do to try to please and get the approval of men and I wondered, “Do men really care about all this crap?”  So after speaking to my ladies I compiled this list of questions that we’d like answers to:


1)  Is it a turn off if a woman is an open book about her past/present intimate life?

2) If a woman makes more money than you?

3)  If a woman reaches her climax?

4)  Whether she’s younger or older than you?

5)  Does cellulite on a woman’s butt and thighs bother you?

6)  If a woman decides to abstain from sex until marriage?

7)  What determines if a woman is “good” in bed or not?

8)  Are you turned off by pudgy belly’s?

9)  Do stretch marks and c-section scars bother you?

10)  Does it bother you if a woman, truly into sports, wants to watch the game with you and the fellas?

I’m going to stop here and we’ll continue later with Part 2. 

Fellas it would be nice to get some real honest answers here. Let’s get the doors to communication and awareness open. 🙂



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