Safireblaque wrote in to Man and Wife TV the following issue:

So I was dating a guy in 05 and we had come to the conclusion to just be friends with benefits because of pressing circumstances in both of our lives. Eventually in 08 I decided I was over it and moved on.  I dated other ppl he was a distance memory. Now after 3 yrs he’s back. So I told him I have no time for games and I want to be in a committed relationship with whom ever im giving it up to  because for one, im getting older and two I have other things to preoccupy my time and energy with. Since then he has truly been making an effort towards what im not sure of. I have a major problem with gettn bored easily with relationships and im trying to correct it.  Im having a good time with him but at the same time I knw that my attention span is limited and eventually im not gonna be interested anymore. How can I keep me interest with him with out being clingy?