In a world filled with technology-oriented countries and career-driven individuals, it is without a doubt that building relationships is currently one of the last options that one would consider doing.  With the continuous and ever-increasing development of technology, social networking sites and chat platforms have attained overwhelming popularity and usage, which has turned ones day-to-day communications and interactions from being relational to transactional.  If one would look at it on a deeper level, today’s interactions have concentrated primarily on the outcome or result, and people have been more inclined to achieve the outcome that they want, even at the expense of relationships.

Building relationships is not something that one learns; it is merely something that one naturally develops and does.  However, if you feel like you have been consumed by your work or life goals, and have forgotten about building and improving relationships, you do not have to worry.  The following are effective principles on how you can develop your relationships with people.

Show your true self.

Nick Clark Warren once said, “Your relationships can only be as healthy as you are.”  This simply means that you always have to show your true self in all circumstances, and be as genuine as you can when associating with people around you.  Never try to make an impression by pretending to be someone else that you are in order for you to gain someone else’s attention and approval.  Furthermore, every time you try to be yourself, always do your best and allow your words and actions to define who you are, the values and principles that you believe in, and the matters that you are dedicated to.  With this, you will surely establish trust and reliability within your peers, which is undeniably the most important aspect in a relationship.

Be sincere at all times.

Aside from showing your true self, it is also essential that you only make promises and commitments that you know you can keep.  Do not try to cause your peers to expect something from you that you know you cannot fulfill.  Always be honest and true to your word, for this will lead to establishing trust and better relations.

Eliminate pessimistic thoughts.

This principle is very simple; you should get rid of your pessimistic behaviors and words, which include condemnation, negative criticisms, and whining, amongst many others.  Bear in mind that if you do this, you will not improve a situation; rather, it will only bring about difficulties and might hinder the development of your relationships.  As much as you can, try to understand people’s actions and do not judge easily.  Put yourself in someone else’s shoes, and evaluate how you will attend to that persons concerns had you been in his or her place.  Afterward, offer a piece of advice, and encourage him or her through providing positive emotional support.

In addition to the above guides on how you can build and improve your relationship with others, you may also do the following: 1) wear a smile at all times, 2) show interest toward people’s concerns, 3) take into consideration the things that your friends need and want, and 4) show care and respect toward them, amongst others.

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