Voice ~ Should I Wait?

Lady J.,

I’ve been seeing this guy for sometime now and we’ve had our ups and downs but we’ve never made our relationship official but when we’re together it’s all about us.  I’ve been with other people and so has he but me being with other people is primarily because he was out doing what he wanted.  Well it kind of seems that now my being with others has made him a little shy about moving forward with us having a real relationship.  I really like this guy but I feel a little confused. Should I move on or be patient and don’t mess around with anyone else until I figure out if he really wants to be with me?


One comment

  1. A certain reader says that this young lady should wait for this guy because good things come to those who wait. I personally at first glance would say no don’t wait.

    Then after a little thought I can’t say that from this post because there aren’t enough details provided. So I say you have to know that if you do wait is what you’re waiting on worth while. If every part of you feels this guy is worth while you should wait BUT then my question would be but for how long?

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