Much too often I talk to males who have no idea what being a man is about. Too many males have never had a man in their life to learn from or compare themselves to. My wife and I were at dinner the other day and we were laughing about how competitive my five year old son is with his father. We were laughing until it dawned on us that this competition between father and son is the beginnings of the construction of his man. My son and I compete on everything. Who runs the fastest, who can bring mommy a snack that she likes, who is the strongest and toughest, who mommy loves the most, who can win the basketball game, who gets a kiss from mommy first. The competitions that we have are learning opportunities for my son. My son is going to learn more from me indirectly than he ever will learn from me directly. For the grown boys out there who have yet to become men, here are two things to look for when you “Check Your Male.”

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