Oh the dreaded sex talk. Most of us can probably remember that awkward moment that lasted far to long for comfort. But maybe the truth is that it wasn’t at all long enough.

The most recent thinking is that a dialogue about sex should be started at a young age and carried throughout young adulthood. An ongoing conversation about sex, that it. This may sound overwhelming at first, but it might just have an underwhelming result! Gradual discussion about sex will allow children and teens to openly ask questions about sex and about their bodies as they arise, and will enforce the notion that asking these questions is okay.

The birds and the bees do not have to be daunting nor intimidating. If discussion is initiated when children are young, then the exploration of sex can be very gradual and age appropriate. Children will be free to ask questions as they develop rather than feeling like all sexual issues must be suppressed until adolescence.

The more information kids have about teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and abstinence, the less likely they were to have sex. The best thing about starting the discussion early? Parents are able to convey their values to their children at a young age, and then children are able to make decisions based on those values.

Recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics say that if we wait until kids are well into their teens to talk about sex then we have waited way too long! What do YOU think!?

Post courtesy of  Smart, Safe, And Sexy.