I recently watched a movie called “The Dilemma” and that along with some recent conversations got me to thinking.   Now before I get started I’m going to need you to follow me on this because I’m going to give two different scenarios.

Scenario #1 is something like the movie. Your best friend is married and you’re out and see their spouse cheating. Do you tell your best friend or do you let the spouse know that you saw them and tell them they have to tell your best friend what they did or else  you will?

Scenario #2: You’re cheating with a person that’s also in a relationship and later you find out that the person’s significant other is also cheating.  Do you feel obligated to tell the person you’re cheating with that they’re being cheated on or do you keep your mouth shut because you figure hey they’re cheating with you so why should you tell that they’re being cheated on?

In the movie they showed various results as to how the situation in scenario #1 could play out but I’m curious to know what real people like you think other than what’s shown from the theatrical Hollywood perspective.  Have you ever experienced either of these?