Do You Have a Controlling Partner?  Or is the Controlling Partner You?

Usually a person with control issues lacks self confidence and is overcompensating for low self esteem by attempting to control everything around them down to the finest detail if possible.  

In a controlling relationship, the controlling partner may accuse the other partner of any number of things and usually doesn’t trust their partner. The truth is that the controlling partner has no trust in themselves, and therefore believes that no one else is trustworthy.

A controlling partner may continually insult their partner’s judgment or behavior. This person may berate you until you begin to lose confidence in yourself because your lack of confidence will give them more power.

There are a lot of other ways a person can be controlling even to the extent of violence. If you find yourself being this person or dating a person like this I would advise you and them to seek help immediately.  It’s not healthy.  Communicate with your partner if possible about the issues or even go so far as to seek professional help if necessary. There’s no shame in it. None of us are perfect.

Happy Relationshiping……