Why do people ask questions during sex? Is it to catch you off guard or distract you? During sex is not the time to ask life-altering questions. During mind-blowing sex, I would probably agree to assassinate a world leader. I am not in my right state of mind. I’m feeling oh so lovely and my adrenaline is flowing. I’m in another dimension. Text always asks questions or make suggestions dead smack in the middle of sex!

When we first start hooking up, this was the first question he posed:

Him: “Wouldn’t like to get this dick 3 times a week?”

Me: “Huh?” *moans*

Him: “I bet you would like this dick 3 times a week.”

Me: “Yes. Uh huh.” *moans*

Afterwards, I thought to myself, “Hell to the no.” I know how I am. We would have sex more often and more oxytocin would start flowing in. I would feel bonded to him and start to have feelings. He would in turn hurt those poor little feelings. Then I’ll post a bitter ass blog post about it. Having my heart broken again is life altering! Been there, done that, and have a t-shirt two sizes too small. That reminds me, I really need to go back on my diet. LOL.

Who would ask such a specific question anyway? What if I wanted more or less than 3 times a week? Are we supposed to sit down and schedule a date and time? There’s no room for spontaneity. That’s ludicrous! There is no way in my right mind I would agree to this if there weren’t any earth shattering orgasms involved.

The questions ceased until a few days ago. He asked me in mid orgasm the following:

Him: “You gonna give this pussy to me and only me?” *strokes harder*

Me: “Yes! Yes! I promise. I PROMISE! *pants* This is your pussy!” *and boom goes the dynamite *

Damn. WTF. Did I just agree to sexual exclusivity? You can’t ask a booty buddy to agree to sexual exclusivity. That’s not in the booty buddy handbook! It’s not like this is some deep and meaningful relationship that renders such a discussion in regards to my vaginal devotion. It is just sex. Great sex but just sex. Sigh. No one should ask questions during sex. Orgasms and deep “Imma beat that pussy ’til the white meat show” strokes tend to make me highly agreeable.

Have you ever asked questions during sex?

Have you ever agreed to something that you wouldn’t normally do during sex?

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