By AJ Moses

“Fresh Uncensored Critical Knowledge for Your Life” is a self-help comedy book with a focus on assisting the citizens of this modern world we share in acting like they have some damn sense. It will show you how to handle your job and coworkers without violence, sort out the new ways that complicated interpersonal relations function here in contemporary times, and go into undefined territory for etiquette and conduct: social networking. Unflinching, unedited, and unrelentingly hilarious, it will make you look at life in a slightly altered way. Past lessons, present applications, future insights: Fresh Uncensored Critical Knowledge.

Excerpt from book:

Some things never change…until they do. It’s true, over the last couple of decades, we’ve made leaps and bounds in almost every facet of human life. As a result, the future we inhabit is advanced almost beyond belief. Just think about it…a few years ago, life was completely different than it was now. I remember it like it was just yesteryear.

A grown man tweeting in public might be placed under intense psychiatric care. If you wanted music on the go, iPods only came in one size and color, and were called boomboxes. Men almost exclusively asked women out and not the other way around, Dinner/movie dates, once commonplace, are now semi-archaic. Text messages were usually handwritten and left in places only the recipient could find them by a stalker, who were at the time referred to as “secret admirers”.

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