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~Voice 3~

My man and I have been in relationship for some time now………..but lately we havent been intimate because either he is too tired or it takes him forever to come to bed. I love him dearly and would never want to hurt him but I have been so sexually frustrated yet I know searching for fullfillment in an another man is not the right answer…..but what do I do?!!!! Can anyone offer any good advice as to what I should do????  How do I get his attention and let him know that he is not meeting my needs without hurting his ego?



  1. I empathize with you. I don’t mean to be soo blunt…but the same way you were able to ask the question here…is the same way you should be able to go to him and explan how you feel. He could be doing one of two things. 1) Just too tired from ALL the work he is doing outside the house to provide income. Or 2) He has extra sexual cirriculum activities outside the home. Just be plain and to the point about how you feel and what you are missing. Give him a chance to correct the situation. If he doesn’t then you need to think about cutting your loses and moving on. Women can do better by our darn selves than letting a man try to keep us down; with what they think is keeping us in the first place.


    • I think that’s pretty good advice Queen LTD. I am a firm believer in communicating what you want but I do know that sometimes its hard to find the right words so that you don’t offend the other person.

      In this case I think open, honest and straight forward is the way.

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