Birthday sex…

So today is MY birthday and I am ecstatic.  🙂  I feel great and blessed to be seeing another year older.  For some reason this day did cause me to have a brief look back over the years and realize that this is the second year that my birthday has come and I didn’t get any birthday nookie. WTH???  LOL!

Those that know me would be a bit surprised to read this. For 1. I don’t put my business on the internet like this and for 2. this is such an unusual occurrence for me. 🙂  Well I can admit it’s primarily because I’m usually in a relationship but at this time I am not and no one is getting my goodies while I’m single!

Anyway, my purpose for sharing my tad bit of information is that it got me to thinking. People are always talk about getting “some” for their birthday. They even wrote a song about it, “Birthday Sex” by JeremihSO I want to know what do you feel is the fascination with getting some “good-good” on your birthday?



  1. Happy Belated Birthday Lady J!

    To answer the question…To me there is nothing “SPECIAL” about getting as you say “good-good” on my birthday! If I can’t get it ALL YEAR round, I don’t want to feel like he has to feel obligated because it’s my birthday. If it gets down to just having on “SPECIAL” occasions…I DON’T WANT NOR NEED HIM IN MY LIFE! lol

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