Voice ~ No More Love

I think I’ve fallen out of love with my wife. I know it’s not something that happened overnight, but I don’t feel any chemistry anymore and I don’t know what to do. We don’t spend as much time together like we used to and we seem to be in our own separate worlds. We had our struggles in the past, but worked through them.  Now she has actually become a better wife over the years, so maybe I’m getting tired of the same? Do people fall out of love?

I don’t want to ruin a marriage and disrupt the lives of our kids, but I don’t want to drag on a relationship when the love is gone.

~Voice 2~



  1. My first question is have you spoke to your wife about the way you feel. Communication is always key in these situations. It can make a world of difference. Maybe you should take a weekend trip away from her and get a chance to miss her. Now before you do this you have to be honest with yourself in that you will NOT use this time to cheat!

    I do believe people fall out of love, possibly over and over again BUT we never stop loving and that love is what is the foundation of it all. Marriage is constant WORK and if it’s something you want you have to work at it daily.

    Before you make a decision to give up you have to first do EVERYTHING within your power to make it work. I wish you all the best and I pray things work out for you.

  2. Dear mister falln out of love…i think the advice ladyj gave you was excellent, however the only thing i would suggest differently would be, instead of spending a weekend away from your already distant marriage,..(since you stated that you two do not spend any time together)..start planning some dates again. you know like you two may have done in the beginning. you have to remind yourself why you two fell in love in the first place. being with the same person for a long time can get a bit familiar, thats why its important never to lose a sense of newness…try new things together, plan dinner dates, or suggest something spontaneously. Have you spoken to her about how you feel and why? and if its necessary consider talking to someone professionally, either by yourself, or with your spouse. Alot of couples go through this phase..its completely more common than you know to feel as though you have lost feelings, life and its daily stresses can contribute a lot to these sort of feelings. As ladyj stated…couples do fall out love…and yes over and over again. marriage takes work, but you have to be willing to give 100%.

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