Bobby was visiting Stacy when her friend Robin came over. They all enjoyed a few drinks and fun conversation when Robin jumped right in letting Bobby know about her broken relationship with her husband and that they would soon be divorcing.  Ok, well I’m sorry to hear that and I hope everything works out for you is what Bobby let’s Robin know. Well they enjoy the rest of the evening and all go their separate ways.

A few days later Bobby gets a phone call from Stacy that a few friends are hanging out at a bar so come hang out with them.  Ok, no problem. Bobby goes and soon all the friends are gone except for him, Stacy and Robin.  It ends up that Bobby takes Robin home and as they walk in the house Bobby sees Robin’s husband sitting on the couch watching TV.  Robin introduces them and they proceed to the kitchen to have a few more drinks.  A few minutes later Robin’s husband appears in the kitchen and says he’s headed to bed so for them to enjoy themselves.  (am I the only one in awe at this point?)

After a moment or two Robin proceeds to the back yard and starts  playing around so Bobby follows her out.  Eventually Robin just goes for it and she and Bobby start making out. Now Bobby wants to know how he should handle this situation. Should he: A) Continue seeing Robin and get in where he fits in? B) Leave Robin alone until her divorce is final? C) Have sex with her one time because he knows he can and then leave her alone?

Can my readers help this man out.  What is your advice to him?  (If it helps any these individuals are all over the age of 25)