There are over 100 million single adults over the age of 25 in our country, and for most of them, the thought of being single and dating is analogous to having a red hot poker jammed into their eye. Based on my research, most single women dislike dating and being single. When it comes to finding that special guy to share their life with, many of these women say that there is hope in their heart, but they honestly admit that they are not too optimistic that true love is in their future.

Why do these women feel this way? For many of them it is based on their experience with men and their past relationships. Imagine if you wanted to eat Italian food and every time you went out to eat Italian food you had a bad experience. It wouldn’t be long before you started saying to yourself “Italian food sucks.” It would be only natural, wouldn’t it? And who could blame you? Here you are trying to find a great place to enjoy your favorite food but every time you thought you found “the one,” it left you unsatisfied and disappointed.

Well, isn’t that how it is for you with men and your relationships? You want a great guy but after each failed relationship it’s harder to believe that true love actually exists, isn’t it? Well, it’s understandable, and I felt that way a long time ago too. In fact, I have a theory. I call it the “Disney Myth” and it says that the reason most women have a hard time with men and relationships is because they have a distorted view of what true love really is.

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