Tired of the same old dinner and a movie date night?  Well switch things up a bit.  Try some of these ideas on for size:

Face Your Fears

You know that thing you said you’d never ever ever do or have been afraid to do? Get out and do it with your man! Fear brings people closer, and facing yours together is sure to make for a day filled with memories you both will cherish. Talk over and choose the activity together, then make a pact not to let each other chicken out.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Go skinny dipping in a nearby lake or river, take salsa dancing lessons, go out to a wild and crazy club. Take a spur-of-the-moment day or weekend trip. Have you ever had your palm read? Whatever the plans, just let loose and go there!

Treat Yourselves to VIP

Sure you’ve gone to a concert or club before, but have you ever gone first class all the way? Splurge on VIP concert passes or exclusive nightclub entry and pop bottles while you’re there. Dress up fancy and go to that expensive restaurant you’ve always looked at and wondered about but never dinned at.  You may spend a little extra cash but the memories made will never fade!

Be A Kid Again

Play a silly prank on your friends, sneak into the movies, make a date to head to the amusement park nearest you, and don’t you dare skip a ride. The bigger and the faster the roller coaster the better! Heck even visit the zoo. If you don’t have children you probably can’t remember the last time you did either of these. If you have kids the experience is totally different without taking the kids, try it!

Have Sex Somewhere Unexpected

In the yard, on the car, in the bathroom at your favorite bar. Who cares where, just get it on somewhere you never thought to do it before.  The thrill of possibly getting caught will be all you need to spice things up!

Role Play

Now we all know most men like a little excitement and diversity so stop worrying about whether you’ll look silly and just relax and get into character. Lights, camera, action! Go all out with wigs, costumes and even props if you want. Note: Filming is optional but it sure can make it more interesting!