1. Why is commitment important?  First and foremost ask yourself are you truly ready for a commitment and the work that has to be put in before you go approaching your partner with these questions.  Also ask yourself “why” do you want a commitment.  The last thing you want to do is have someone ready to commit and you’re playing games because matters of the heart can have dangerous consequences if not handled properly.  If you are truly ready then pose this same question to your partner.

2. Are we seeing other people? People tend to assume that once you are with someone that you are the only person he/she is seeing. Lets put the assumptions aside and not make asses of ourselves and get this out in the open.  ASK the question and get a straight answer.  This way no one inadvertently get’s their feelings stepped on and you know exactly where you stand.

3. Does Commitment Mean Marriage Is In The Future?  I think this one is really for the ladies. I know there are some men out there who don’t mind marriage BUT we all know the women out number them so I think more women will be asking this question. 🙂 (just keeping it real)  It is a valid question indeed. If you know you are looking for marriage in your future why waste time with someone who is not on the same path.

I believe these 3 little questions can possibly save you from a lot of wasted time and unnecessary heart break. The key to it all though is to COMMUNICATE and remember the most important part of communication is to LISTEN.  Don’t just hear what you want to hear (no selective hearing) actually pay attention and take the responses at face value.

Do you think there are some other important conversations couples should have before committing?