This guy, Steven James, Dixon, is a new blogger on and they were introducing him to the readers and asking him questions. I found his outlook to be profound and something that we all can learn from, use and grow with. Here is an excerpt of the Q&A:

HelloBeautiful Q3: What do our readers need to know to become more successful at dating, relationships and marriage? What are you going to bring to our readers?

Steven James Dixon: Honesty. Candor. Insightfulness. Research. A biblical foundation. What sets me apart from other relationship experts is that I have actually saved a marriage . . . my own! At the age of 25 I got a divorce. You know what I learned about divorce?

HelloBeautiful Q4: What’s that?

Steven James Dixon: That divorce cannot be an option in marriage. That was my one and only divorce. I will never do that again. Some of those problems that I had in that marriage I have had again in my current marriage. The difference between my first marriage and my current marriage is that I am now a problem solver. My wife is a problem solver. At the time I wasn’t man enough to lead a marriage or solve any of our problems. My family tree is full of divorce and divorce was an option for me so when I became unhappy, I bounced.

I work a lot harder in my current marriage to keep both me and my wife happy. Because of the energy and effort that I put into my marriage today, my wife is also unafraid to give her maximum effort in our marriage. Marriage is hard work but you have to want it! Divorce is not an option for us. I am not encouraging people to stay married and be unhappy. I am encouraging people to figure out how to be happy. People figure out stuff every day but when it comes to their marriages they give up. Someone is reading this article at a job that they hate, but you know what? They will figure how to go back to that same job tomorrow. We have too many people trying to be the best lawyers, doctors, rappers and athletes but we don’t have enough people trying to be the best husbands or wives. My role as a husband is by far the most important role that I have. Nothing else is even close. I tell couples every day that God is #1 in my life. My wife is #2. My wife is also #3. #4 is vacant; I don’t want anything close to my wife. #5 is my son, momma, the Raiders, LSU, the Miami Heat, friends and frat.


Think about your relationships and marriage, do you find yourself treating them as expendable?  We really do need to change our focus and put more effort into who we claim to love…get our priorities straight.

Any thoughts???