Can you be happy without sex?

Sandra Leiblum, Ph.D  in says:

As a sex therapist, I can tell you that when a couple who haven’t been sexually active suddenly have a good experience, you can see the difference. They come in laughing and talking; there’s more physical affection between them. It’s better than any therapy session. It would be great if we could package the feeling, although it usually lasts only 24 hours, and you have to do it again. On the other hand, there are women out there who simply don’t care very much about sex. And there are more sexless marriages than you’d think—relationships that can be bonded, loving, companionable, and devoted. Single women may find that what they most miss is a close relationship, not sex, and they can often find that closeness with friends. That’s why women do so well alone.


I want to know do any of you (male or female) feel that you could be satisfied with just close friends and never having intimate relations with a person?





One comment

  1. I will be the first to say that UNTIL my parts no longer work I need that intimate relations in a relationship. There’s not much that can replace that feeling of euphoria after a good “session”. I have gone without and it was hard so I know I can survive but as long as I have a choice my preference would be NOT to go without. 🙂 (that’s my $.2 worth)

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