I am so lost for words by this post that I had to share it. This is a partial post taken from Paramourinwaiting.

……I called him up and invited him over. We were having sex and I got very excited. All of a sudden, he pulled out, and rushed out of my apartment barely saying a word. Who leaves in the middle of sex? I’m pretty sure he dashed like the Roadrunner with the condom still on. I was flabbergasted and embarrassed dot com. Did I do something wrong? Was the va jay jay wasn’t so fresh and so clean as I initially thought? Did I let out a room clearing fart? Was I acting like that chick having sex with Loc Dog from the “Don’t Be a Menace…” movie?

I heard from him days later and he explained why he left. He said that my loud moaning scared him and he thought that he was hurting me. WTF?! How could my porno star moan be mistaken for an agonizing groan? I could have sworn that I was feeling pleasured—not pluverized. Nonetheless, that situation turned me off even further and I avoided his calls indefinitely. He showed up at my apartment a month later and I told him that I was involved with someone else.

Question of the day:

Why would someone leave in the middle of having sex?

Her complete post and the addition to this crazy story can be found below.