Are Men More Likely to Say “I Love You” for Sex?


A man who’s quick to drop the “love” bomb in a relationship may have a hidden agenda, according to a new study. While it’s nice to hear those three magical words, a new study reveals that men are more likely to say “I love you” just to get you in bed…

Men were found to say “I love you” a full six weeks before women were likely to say it, according research released by The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The results also show that men in new relationships were more willing to exchange “I loves yous” if they hadn’t had sex yet, while women were happier to say the words after sex.

Do you take time to understand whether your partner’s feelings are sincere or if he just wants to rush things along?

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  1. I don’t fall for the “I love you” being said to first to get me into the sheets. My husband did however, tell me he loved me first, with a ring in hand asking me to marry him. He also stated he didn’t have a problem waiting for my 3-4months rule before intimacy. I must admit, there are still some gentlemen out there who say “I love you” with good merit! Before my husband…I just never found ANY! Lol

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