Continuing from Part 1 here are a few more pieces of wisdom to assist with avoiding some emotional scars and hopefully aid in experiencing true love.

11.  All men ARE NOT dogs! Don’t believe, repeat or perpetuate that rampant lie! You will hamper your ability to see and discern the good men who cross your path!

12.  When a man is trying to find himself, kindly bid him adieu… PERMANENTLY! He shouldn’t be looking for love… he should be searching for the map to Mastering Manhood!

13.  A fundamental understanding and respect of the male ego is a must for all women who want a vibrant and healthy love; DO NOT obtain this crucial information from dishonorable males or from angry bitter women.

14.  Never allow emotionally embittered women to influence you concerning the male gender. If you do, their hatred and unforgiveness will become yours. Soon you will find yourself suspicious, indignant and angry just like them. (misery loves company)

15. Don’t ever delude yourself! Your beauty, fine body, sexual prowess, cooking skills, femininity and vibrant personality will never be enough to change a man, NEVER!

16.  If your potential mate does such things as: promises to call you but doesn’t, makes dates and breaks them, shows up late or plays games with your emotions; take notes ladies… those are clear cut warning signs that he DOES NOT value you, he DOES NOT love you and he DOES NOT care about you!

17.  If you don’t know what a misogynistic man is, take this time to check your dictionary. For your sake, sanity and safety, avoid these treacherous males at all costs.

18. When a man truly loves you, he will honor and respect you. If he doesn’t… don’t deceive yourself and don’t allow him to defraud you; he DOES NOT love OR care about you!

19. You were not designed, built or destined for abuse, whether: emotionally, physically or financially. If he is an abuser, there is no need to deliberate… he IS NOT the one; leave him now!

20. The dismal cycle of breaking up and making up only works out in the romance novels, television shows and movies. If you are riding that emotional roller coaster get off right now! Your heart, mind and soul will forever thank you.

The secret is to LEARN from your experience Smart women understand this irrefutable truth.   Share these life-saving truths with every woman you know. They will forever thank you! I”m sure there are plenty that I left out but I think listing 20 here was good enough. Feel free to please share your knowledge in the comments. Knowledge is power!