Are You A Hypocrite?

I’m sure at one point or another you’ve told your mate, baby I love your body just the way it is. Maybe it wasn’t even a mate, maybe it was just in conversation that you told someone I like real women, not all the fake hair, nails & make-up or I can’t stand those street thuggish, tattooed, ghetto type guys.

Maybe somewhere in your mind you mean that but what message do you think you send when your mate see’s you drooling over the Lil’ Kim looking woman with the big boobs, face full of make-up, long weave and daggers for nails or that Vin Diesel looking, tatted up guy that just stepped off his crotch rocket?

People we are all being hypocrites to some extent. “Baby you are all I want, perfect for me BUT if Beyonce Knowles / Tyson Beckford gave me a chance I might cheat.”  Now what indirect message are we really sending with statements like that?  We think they’re harmless but subconsciously they can and sometimes do cause harm.  Let’s stop sending mixed messages. 



  1. Wow!! I’ll be the first to step forward and say that I am a hypocrite in this sense. But at the same time I realize that the Tyson Beckfords of the world are fantasy beings. Their bodies have been enhanced through lighting and Photoshop. So while I admire them, I try to be realistic in the expectations that I place on my associates. lol!!!

  2. I think it’s possible to love your mate’s body and them 100% but still be attracted to other people. Like the above comment mentioned, the Tyson Beckfords of the world are fantasy beings, so it’s nice to fantasize every now and then but still know that “home is home.” I’m not condoning acting on those fantasies, but I think it’s perfectly normal and healthy to look every now and then without being a hypocrite.

    • I think to some extent you are very correct but at the same time with as much emphasis as there is on appearance when a woman sees her man gawking at this other body that he fantasizes about it can cause her to feel a bit insecure & inadequate even though that may not be his intention. Why do you think a lot of women try to emulate the celebraties & such???

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